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Steven Taylor

Welcome, Steven has been working the creative field for more than 20 years and has continued his journey as an artist for that time.  Working in both traditional and digital media, and  teaching at the college level. Most of his focus in the last 10 years had been on the rich world of 3D animation. 

He has had the good fortune  to work closely with both art and technology. Having his first job as an assistant to a potter, mixing clay and glazes taught him the delicate interplay of both art and science. Steven continues that intersection as CEO and Co-Founder of  a start up in Augmented Reality - .  In the last year his team has evolved a low cost head mounted display for the mobile phone and the content pipelines for developing engaging experiences. In 2018 and 2019 he presented at AR in Action a technology conference held at MIT.

He has had the great pleasure of working with startup culture in a  professional capacity which has lead him to be a part of some of the most exciting projects, from energy to movie making. 

In 2008 he had the distinct pleasure of working directly for both Earl Letz and David Kirkpatrick two veterans of the Hollywood system. David has especially been a great mentor and friend, sharing his deep experitise in the studio system and understanding of how feature films "work"  from a structural and finance level. This start up lead him to be an affiliate at the MIT Media Lab's Center for Future Storytelling, which deepened his relation with art and science. 

Second to that is the great honor of having helped to build a start up inside of Royal Dutch Shell, Steven brought all of his storytelling and media skills to that project and we won millions of dollars of business thanks to his direct contribution, those projects have gone on to make oil & gas safer and save Shell more than 1.5B. 

Steven is currently evolving a series of animation and interactive projects while he continues to focus on growing his skill as an artist and storyteller. Below are some samples of work from scripts to storyboard pre-visualizations. 

He can be found on the North shore of Massachusetts with a studio in Ipswich.


The Dog

In 2018 my long time friend and collaborator David Kirkpatrick released our first co-Authored work the dog. David was the former President of Paramount Pictures and Disney Animation and has been a mentor to me for the last 10 years in storytelling and movie production. The book is distributed by Diamond and available on Amazon and at Barnes and Nobel . 

The Dog


Here is an example of my screenwriting style. This short film meant for animation is based on the O'Henry short story written in the 1900's.  I am currently building the storyboards of this screenplay to bring it to the budgeting and breakdown phase.

Storyboards & PRE-VIz

One of my favorite things is to draw and I envision most of my projects with initial sketches. Whether I am working for large clients who need corporate video or for my own animated and storytelling projects.

These storyboard breakdown of the classic battle between Captain Kirk and GORN. The objective here is to breath some new life into one of the more classic sci-fi battles and add an anime flare. Star Trek and the characters Gorn and Kirk copyright Paramount Pictures.

Gligamesh - the meteor dream

I am a student of classical literature and mythology. One of the projects in my pipeline is a full length feature of this timeless tale of the duality of man. This sequence is based on the meteor dream where Gilgamesh encounters Enkidu for the first time in the form of a falling star.


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ARX an interactive experience studio

41 South Main Street, Ipswich, Massachusetts 01938, United States

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