We design, build and believe in the future of immersive media


AR / VR development

With a deep expertise in 3D computer graphics, We create powerfully engaging AR / VR experiences for clients across markets.

We work with the latest hardware from Oculus to Hololens with a paticular focus on the AR4E Universal Mode headset 

I.P. and storytelling

 the dog is a novel about the timeless friendship between man and dog. It spans the birth, life, and death of Shadow, a rescue dog, raised by a New England family in post WWII America.  the dog is a celebration of the love every dog brings into a family as he transforms a house into a home. 

What we build and how we build it



It all starts with us listening to you and your needs. We build a broad set of storyboards that cover the use cases then refine. This phase always pulls together the objectives and scope, deepens communication and understanding. As we reflect what has been communicated back, the eventual scope and objectives are refined again

Design Thinking

Are we building a trade show experience or a mobile app? How deeply can we follow the customer experience? Detailed ethnographies of use-case, experience, immersion, effect can all be modeled and evaluated against design. We use this approach to match the story we are telling back with the user experience.


Now let's build. Using the SCRUM/AGILE methods of program development we aim for quick cycles of feedback so a customer can weigh in on the progress of what is now becoming a real product.  

Building Experiences

Above is some of the methodology of how we build things. So what do we build? Well briefly Experiences. Using 3D, photography, video, photogrammetry, game engines, physical props we make immersive education,training, simulation and entertainment products. They rely on a core set of skills in the asset making and our deep network of experts in fields like Aerospace, bio-medical and movie-making.

We work with